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Archive for September 13th, 2010

Build Service Cheat Sheet

September 13th, 2010 by

Last week I had some discussions with colleagues about the build service and Berthold and Darix suggested to create some kind of reference card for the build service.

So, I’ve sat down, learned how others do sheat cheets, e.g. via XML or in OpenOffice.org and then decided to go the easy route with columns using an OpenOffice.org text document.

The first version is now available for download.  It describes building packages for Factory, reviewing of package submissions, maintenance, package editing, miscellaneous commands and osc installation. The file is supposed to be printed on two sides of a paper – and then cut the paper to A5.

Please send me corrections, the odt is available as well from me (will upload it later to the wiki).

You can get the current version here.

Thanks to reviews and suggestions by Adrian, Berthold, Darix, Jan and Thorsten.