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Archive for September 19th, 2010

frOSCamp 2010 – Zürich The day after – Event report

September 19th, 2010 by

After a good night of sleep, I’ve finish the Member/Ambassador report.

Gallery picture and mini-film : Here

Event Report : PDF or ODP

Others pictures : frOSCamp gallery

Report done by Sirko Kemter (aka gnokii) karl-tux-stadt.de

frOSCamp Day II

September 19th, 2010 by

08h00 : ok Saturday morning : always rude to get wake up.

About the FreeBeer www.freebeer.ch after a mini pool it seems that Swiss love it, Germans doesn’t like it’s taste, Hungarians doesn’t drink beer ( oh really ? I mean those beer ). Me I really enjoy it and it’s open concept.

09:30 Not to much people here. Did we miss the adv part of it ?
10:00 Filling the ambassador event report … Updating the gallery with yesterday afternoon
11:00 Trying to record the Pavel talk about openSUSE Connect, with the video-cam, and badly discover that when the “rec record lamp” is not flashing it’s not recording. Too bad … Put frOSCamp guy recorded the voice, and the slide so they will be available soon.
11:00 – 17:00 Rescue an hp laptop bugging under 11.3 32 bits with not able to call mmio during boot. 64Bits version is working !
Demo install with KVM, show lxde desktop, kde desktop also the netbook interface.
16:45 All penguins are sold, transform the 50 CHF income to a FSFE donation.
17:00 I have to fill my feedback form, there’s a Nokia N900 to win 🙂
17:35 So the N900 is won by a Debian guy
18:00 Time to unset the booth.
18:30 All stuf in the car, gnokii too, start driving him back to his car.
19:30 we found the FUDCON dinner event place. ParkPlatz & Zürich, a real love story 🙂
20:45 Time to me to leave Fedora & openSUSE guys, if I stay for eating I will not start before 2 hours and a half.
23:15 At home !