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A new Flavor: openSUSE Invis Server

October 28th, 2010 by

Invis Server Beside many other amazing things which happened at the openSUSE Conference 2010, Stefan Schäfer gave a talk about his project called Invis Server. It is a very specific server solution for the small and medium business, based on the openSUSE distribution. The Invis Server is perfect software for all production installations in small business use cases, also to be maintained by consultants in that space.

All needed services such as printing, mail, web and file server, database and groupware are there and get preconfigured at installation. For daily operation in the users network, there is a simple yet powerful web interface.

In the discussion after the presentation it turned out that Stefan would be fine with moving the Invis Server Project nearer to the openSUSE project and get a larger community find together to power up the project on openSUSE distributions.

As a result we decided to found the openSUSE Invis Project. The idea is to create an openSUSE Distribution flavor with solid packages coming from openSUSE Factory together with some specifically packaged sources ready to power the Invis Server. The openSUSE Buildservice will be used to build the needed packages and create the product images. The first tasks will be to clean up the package list and do some packaging to be able to create a convenient openSUSE-Invis CD.

The openSUSE-Invis Mailinglist was set up and is waiting for your subscription. Please show up there soon to help us to move this idea forward.

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7 Responses to “A new Flavor: openSUSE Invis Server”

  1. That’s great. I’m currently preparing our “IntarS” webbased Open Source ERP to become a openSUSE package so we can add is as a business suite option.
    IntarS is best suited for small to medium sized companies, even single user. There is a preconfigured setup available, called “Candy-CRM”. It provides such things as offers, orders, customer orders, production planning, invoices, work orders, delivery notes, stock management, a very elaborate CRM, communication hub, document managent and much more. Have a look:

  2. Eric Yeoh

    The Invis site seems to be in German only. Any chance of it ever to be opened to non-German speakers?

  3. Andrea Florio

    Available for packaging ! 🙂

  4. This is great news! While opensuse already is a very reliable and flexible server solution, currently offerin several serverfunctions in one machine can offer some tedious configuration challenges, mostly because of webmin and yast not always being on the same page.
    I am really looking forward to seeing this initiative mature!

  5. Miles

    Since 1993 – it’s about time!!! and it makes me happy. I’m 55 now and it’s been a long long wait for something like this to finally come about. A distro (especially SuSE) that will be a complete done deal without all the games and other crap apps getting in the way of server needs and instead of having to do a Command Line alone install to get free of it. KUDOS to you guys. I’m not a programmer just a network and system administrator or I would have done it 10 years ago. Believe me when I say – “We don’t get any younger!!” What is there that a poweruser like me to do for you. Buy you a server or something? Can’t do much other.