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Just a small story about my ambassador life

November 20th, 2010 by

Well, i know that i haven’t be so active in the last months here in lizards or the OWN but that doesn’t mean that i stop my ambassador work, and here is a small story about what i do to integrate the spread of the openSUSE word in my work.

After a really bad month for the economic point of view, i had to refocus all the goals of my company to jump out the hole where i fall thanks to the changes in the economy of my country (Venezuela), so i came out with the idea of give on-line courses about system security, hacking, pen-testing and that kind of stuff, including the usual Web Dev, Sys Admin courses.

I give a lot of conferences of Hacking and System Security around this year in various events, and taking advantage of that give some publicity to the courses, but of course including something: Our Beloved Geeko. 😀

In the courses I teach using openSUSE, and have turned a lot of people that doesn’t even had a clue of what its linux, to be a totally Geeko Lovers, to the point that they speak about “The green side of the force”.

In all my conferences always appear the words: “openSUSE its the best option for newbies and advanced users”, “You wanna try Linux, well the best option i can give its openSUSE”, I am a proudly member/ambassador of the openSUSE Community”.

Subliminal, directly, any way i just point people to use and love the Geeko!

I hope to be more active around here in the next weeks when all the events and congress are done.

Cheers people! There are always some ways to Spread the word of the Geeko!

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