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new osc feature to edit a request

January 30th, 2011 by


I just pushed a new osc feature to git master which allows you to edit a submit action. Use case: suppose you review a request (which has at least one submit action) and you find a small typo (for instance in the spec file) but except the typo everything is fine. So instead of declining the request you can fix the typo, create a new request (which contains the fix + the original changes), accept the newly created request and supersede the original request (that’s basically what osc does behind the scenes).


# request with id 80 needs a small fix
marcus@linux:~> osc rq show 80 –edit
Request: #80

submit:       home:Admin/foo  -> home:foobar/dest
delete:       home:foobar/xxx

deletes package xxx and fixes dest.

State:   new        2011-01-30T15:04:03 Admin
Comment: <no comment>
A    /tmp/osc_editsrr2iDcI/test.spec
A    /tmp/osc_editsrr2iDcI/src.tar.bz2
At revision 1.
Checked out package ‘foo.home_Admin’ to /tmp/osc_editsrr2iDcI. Started a new shell (/bin/bash).
Please fix the package and close the shell afterwards.
marcus@linux:/tmp/osc_editsrr2iDcI> # fix it and commit changes
marcus@linux:/tmp/osc_editsrr2iDcI> exit
Request: #None

submit:       home:Admin:branches:REQUEST_80/foo.home_Admin(cleanup) -> home:foobar/dest
delete:        home:foobar/xxx

<no message>
d(i)ff/(a)ccept/(b)uildstatus/(e)dit/(s)kip/(c)ancel > a -m “accepted request and applied small fix”
Supersede original request? (y|N) y

By the way you can also do it manually (osc rq clone <id>; osc co <clone project>; fix package(s) and commit changes; create a new request, accept it and supersede original request).

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