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Flisol 2011

February 24th, 2011 by

The Flisol (Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre or  Free Software Installation Latin American Festival ) is the biggest Free Software diffusion event that is celebrated on 18 countries all over Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina simultaneously in more than 200 Cities.

The Idea of this Festival is spread the knowledge about Open Source in general and Linux in particular by installing it on the participants machines. I has been participating for the las 4 years by helping with talks, openSUSE DVDs, etc.

The FLISOL 2011 will be celebrated the next April 9. If you live in Latin America of will be in some of the countries that celebrates FLISOL, you can check where and at what time will be celebrated in the city that you will be.   Always is good to hangout with other people that wants to get to know about openSUSE and the Open Source  in General.

This Time I will be participating in Mexico City in about 3 different places with talks and giving away openSUSE DVDs and T-shirts.  Sorry but all the links are in Spanish, Google translate is your friend 😉

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One Response to “Flisol 2011”

  1. nmarques

    Congratulations for an awesome initiative. This years a bit tight for me, but next year I’ll join Javier in Madrid for sure!

    All the best for this event!