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First Survey on openSUSE Version naming is open now

March 16th, 2011 by

Following my last blog post on “how to name the distribution release“, I’ve opened up a public survey and look forward to your votes. There is also a good discussion going on on the opensuse-project mailing list.

This is the first iteration. Coolo and myself discussed to use a second survey with the group of winners on connect.opensuse.org.

Both comments and pings are currently closed.

3 Responses to “First Survey on openSUSE Version naming is open now”

  1. c0d3g33k

    I already submitted the survey (thanks for doing this), but had a few thoughts while doing so.

    First, it would be helpful to be able to indicate which naming schemes one actively does not prefer, rather than just bumping up the preferred ones from a neutral, level playing field. I’d like to push some options below the neutral threshold.

    Second, offering a *small* (twitter length?) textbox for comments might be helpful for capturing why something was preferred or not. Once everything was laid out before me (including the very nice description of the variants), I was able to think about why I preferred one over the other. It would be useful to state this, and to see what reasons others have for preferring something else (I may change my mind.)

  2. Klaas

    I wonder why this voting did not start in connect.opensuse.org? Have you heard about it already? check http://connect.opensuse.org

    • Andreas Jaeger

      This seems to become a FAQ. I could not implement the questions in this way in connect. Btw. read again my article, it even mentions connect 😉