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GSOC Idea: Improve Clic Filesystem

March 24th, 2011 by

I really look for the perfect gsoc student: someone who has a brilliant idea, noone else thought of how to improve linux in general or openSUSE in specific and just needs my guidance.

But for those that need some ideas, my best bet is really to rewrite clicfs to make it even better. Right now clicfs is a FUSE filesystem hosting a loop image. So a page read goes from ext4->loop->fuse->clicfs->CD->clicfs->fuse->loop->ext4.
If it lived in the kernel, it could offer a block device you mount your ext4 on, leaving aside loop and fuse:

modprobe clicfs packfile=/read-only/openSUSE-kde.i586 cowfile=/read-write/.COWfile cowlog=/dev/ttyS0
mount /dev/clicfs/0 /mnt
chroot /mnt /bin/init

Great idea, no? For someone who wants to become famous, it would be the perfect target!

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