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openSUSE Release versioning – Poll on last three options

March 28th, 2011 by

The poll on SurveyMonkey on how to version the openSUSE distribution release is now closed, you can see the results here. The winner is the “old school” (like currently but only counting the right number until 3), followed by “Fedora style” (just integers) and “Ubuntu style” (2 digits year “.” 2 digits month).

The openSUSE members only poll is now live on connect.opensuse.org until April 04, 2011. Please select your favorite option!

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2 Responses to “openSUSE Release versioning – Poll on last three options”

  1. c0d3g33k

    It seems to me date-based Ubuntu style is the winner, given that more preferred date-based rather than consecutive numbering. (Actually, there is probably no statistical difference between which method is preferred, though without error estimates that’s hard to tell).

  2. Daniel

    The way the poll was structured, one cannot compare the numbers in the “consecutive numbering” poll with the numbers in the “date based” poll to infer an overall preference, unless you have the raw data for each individual who voted. E.g., it could be that 500 people who chose consecutive “old school” as their favorite also chose “date-based” as their favorite, which means those votes for “old school” shouldn’t be counted as overall favorite. However, that wouldn’t necessarily means that “Ubuntu style” would be the overall favorite: perhaps those 500 people chose other “date-based” styles as their favorite.