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GNOME:Ayatana – being populated

March 30th, 2011 by

GNOME:Ayatana repository is currently being populated. I’ve asked Dimstar who is reviewing the packages to enable ‘strictest mode’ as it’s a very nice opportunity to learn something more about openSUSE packaging guidelines.

As Canonical polishes their software for the release of Ubuntu Natty, their indicator stack will be at best shape also for openSUSE 11.4. More to come in next days.

I’ve also enabled openSUSE Tumbleweed builds on my test repository, not really sure if Tumbleweed as some usage for this work, if so, ping me… I don’t mind sharing with them!

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One Response to “GNOME:Ayatana – being populated”

  1. hron84

    What is a state of indicator plugins/patches to programs? They will included in Ayatana repository, or these (patched) stuffs will be pushed into “normal” repositories?