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Archive for June 10th, 2011

[gsoc] summary of week 3

June 10th, 2011 by


here’s a small summary of the 3rd (coding) week. This week I spent
most of my time with developing the remote model classes. The goal
was to put most of the code into a base class from which all remote
models will be derived (if you’re interested how it works have a
look at it). So far we have classes for:

  • a remote project (RemoteProject – manages project metadata)
  • a remote package (RemotePackage – manages package metadata)
  • a request (Request)

TODO for this week:

  • add exception handling to the httprequest.py module
  • add a RemoteFile class which can be used to access a remote file
    like a buildlog, prjconf or a source file
  • add a BuildResult class:
    – get the build results for a project or package
    – get the buildlog of a package
    – get the binary/binaries from the api