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[gsoc] osc code cleanup – summary of week 8

July 17th, 2011 by


here’s a small summary of the 8th (coding) week. This week I spent
most of my time with rewriting the working copy code.

  • added support to add and delete packages
  • added some “abstractions” for the tracking file format:
    currently packages and files are tracked in a xml file
  • thought about the package update algorithm. Basically
    it’ll work like this (verfy simplified version):
    – perform update in a tmpdir (phase 1)
    – if the tmp update finished, copy/rename all files to
    the wc (phase 2)
    If the update is interrupted in phase 1 the wc wasn’t touched
    at all and nothing should be broken.
    If the update is interrupted in phase 2 the wc is _inconsistent_
    but a subsequent “update” call can resume the update and everything
    should be consistent afterwards (in this case only files are


  • implement update + commit algorithm

If everything works as expected most parts of working copy code
cleanup should be finished after this week.


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