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Factory Progress 2011-07-18

July 18th, 2011 by

I’ve noticed the following changes that might interest people using and developing openSUSE Factory:

Package changes

GNOME 3.1.3

The GNOME team plans to have GNOME 3.2 in for openSUSE 12.1 and thus have updated to the current development release 3.1.3. They have also started removing old GNOME 2 packages that are not needed anymore.


Frederic gave an update on systemd integration. The graphical bootloader allows now to switch during boot between systemd, SysVinit and also shell code.

Also, Lennart Poettering wrote in his “systemd for developers” series about socket activation where he uses cups as example.


The hal daemon has been dropped from Factory after all users with clean spec files have been changed to work with the successors of hal like udisk and udev.


Samba is getting updated to 3.6.0, one of its major features is full SMB2 support.

Linux Kernel Headers

Linux kernel 2.6.38 removed the Video for Linux v1 support and also the file linux/videodev.h. Since we now use the Linux Kernel 3.0, applications using the old interface need to be converted. A replacement is libv4l1-videodev.h from libv4l-dev >= 0.8.4.

Keeping old kernel(s) while installing new ones

Michal Marek descripes in his blog how it’s possible to configure which kernels to keep installed when a new one gets installed. With a simple change to the zypp configuration, you can define e.g. that you always like to keep the latest running kernel when you install a new one.

Upcoming Features

A new page called “upcoming features” has been created to point out new features for the next release. Please help updating the page with new information.

Policy and tool changes

Directories not owned by a package

We have now enabled a build time check that all directories are owned by a package and this hit 49 packages, most of them are fixed by now but packagers should fix the remaining onw.

Other interesting bits

openSUSE 11.4 Milestone 3

Coolo announced that milestone 3 is delayed due to some kernel bugs which the testing team encountered with their daily testing scripts.  On 2011-07-18 the 3.0 RC7 kernel was checked in and should fix this.

openSUSE Conference

The call for papers is continuing to run, please submit session proposals at the conference site. Also, registration is open now.

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