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Volunteers needed!

July 29th, 2011 by
Brave enough?

Volunteers needed!

As you know, the third international openSUSE Conference is happening in a couple of weeks. You already should be registered. For the organization teams that means they are really coming onto speed now and it starts to feel dizzy.

We had a couple of public meetings which resulted in a nice list of stuff to do, like organizing hardware for the venue, set up internet, foods and drinks and so on. This is all done by community members and open for your help. If you want to help, you’re more than welcome to contribute to the conferences success. A good start is to subscribe to the mailinglist opensuse-conference@opensuse.org .

If you prefer to give a hand during the conference days, also great, we are looking for volunteers. Many hands are needed to get the event going and it would be good if we could share the work so that it’s more fun for everybody.

Please go through the list on the volunteers page and find where you could jump in and help. Simply add your name or nick into the list where you feel comfortable to help.

Thanks a lot!

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