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Archive for July, 2011

[gsoc] osc code cleanup – summary of week 7

July 10th, 2011 by


here’s a small summary of the 7th (coding) week. This week I spent
most my time with the project and package classes which manage osc’s
working copies.


  • basic working copy layout
  • checks to detect broken/corrupt working copies
  • locking support (in order to lock a working copy (for instance when
    doing a commit or an update))


  • add “core” methods like update, commit, diff etc.
  • (auto-) repair methods (to fix broken working copies)


Open Hardware License released by CERN!

July 9th, 2011 by

A very nice complement to the Open Source Hardware Definition that the Open Hardware Summit team has been curating for the past year is the Open Hardware Initiative announced by CERN, including the Open Hardware Repository recently launched there.

A bit of a legalistic focus when there are real hardware specs to peruse (who knows, maybe even some of Cornelius’ work is in there 🙂 ), but I think it is cool that after the Definition we now have the CERNOHL License.  Now, let the BSD vs GPL vs Apache vs MIT-with-crumpets discussion begin 🙂

[gsoc] osc code cleanup – summary of week 6

July 4th, 2011 by


here’s a small summary of the 6th (coding) week. Unfortunately I had
to spent more time with university stuff than I expected – that’s why
I didn’t finish the complete todo for this week.
I did some code restructuring and started to work on the class for the
source route.
– rewrite the project and package working copy classes:

  • the new working copy format will be incompatible with the current
  • the basic layout will look like this:
    —> .osc/ (stores prj _and_ pkg metadata)
    —> pkg1
    #       |
    #        —> <files>

    —> pkgN
    #       |
    #        —> <files>
    So all metadata is stored in the prj/.osc dir instead of prj/pkg/.osc
    The advantage is that we can support a complete package
    “restore” (without the need to download the package again):
    cd prj; rm -r pkg; osc revert/restore pkg;
    (that’s possible because the metadata is stored in the prj/.osc
  • to convert old project/package working copies to the new format
    the “osc repairwc” command can be used (at least that’s the plan)

Feedback is always welcome.


Factory Progress 2011-07-01

July 1st, 2011 by

Here’s with some delay the next incarnation of Factory Progress. I’ve noticed the following changes that might interest people using and developing openSUSE Factory:

Package changes

Linux 3.0

Linux kernel 3.0 rc5 is currently on its way to factory and the header files (in package linux-glibc-devel) have already been updated for it. If your software reads the Linux kernel version, please check that it can cope with the two digits instead of the three of the new version. Best would be to not read the version at all.


Frederic has proposed a “Road to systemd for openSUSE 12.1″. Systemd is a replacement of the SysVinit scripts that we have been using and improving in the past with many new – including some controversial – ideas. Check his blog post for additional references about systemd. The majority of the distributions are moving to systemd as well and standarizing on it, will allow to share some more code and development in this area.

We’re now in phase 1 – which means: Get systemd running as an option. Once this is working satisfactory, we can switch the default (phase 2) and decide what to do with SysVinit support.