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Desktop Summit Berlin 2011 – Report

August 15th, 2011 by

Desktop Summit

Last minute team

Monday before Desktop Summit, I’ve just learned that we (as openSUSE/SUSE) will not have the SuseStudio kiosk.
Too bad, but Wednesday, I finally get confirmation from my customer, that the new hardware will not be delivered before Friday 12th. Ah ah good news. I will be able to go to Berlin. So I bought the last airplane ticket for Friday afternoon, and also the last bed at good price.

I will be a Berliner for a few days! And fill the blanks to maintain our booth up and welcoming

Somethings has to be done? sometimes has been done!

  • Setup the booth each morning with goodies
  • Burning 120 usb SUSE key half Gnome3, half kde 4.6.5 reloaded 4 by 4 [picture] + 1 nokia N97 mini with Gnome3 [story]
  • Placing over 20 posters : RWX3, 11.4 Linux for open mind
  • Distributing almost one hundred DVD to attendees
  • Distributing around 100 usb keys
  • Distributing the only one green Geeko t-shirt we have
  • Help Jos to get the quadri-folio flyer printed
  • Shopping with Jos to buy 60 t-shirts for the football match (love the pink one)
  • Ensure those get printed in time for the match
  • Shopping 28 packs of ice to keep drinks fresh during soccer and volley parties
  • Helping some users with their laptop
  • Answer lots of questions
  • Put the good mood and Have fun button on
  • Get a long list of patches for the Cheat Sheet Poster (thx Bernhard) to be reported
  • Shoot all of what I can my DS Album

Collaboration across the border

Discussing with Enlightment team [website] to convince them to use OBS and really give it a try, inviting them to join us at OSC11, and try to push them to become our fifth choice’s desktop.

Invite also KolabSystem to join us, and let’s talk about using OBS, and how to have better interaction between us and them
I address here an official thanks to Georg C.F. Greve, Izabele and Co. who kindly stay awake during my last night in Berlin.

Help Izabel Valverde to find a good wifi connection, and quiet place to finish her presentation. Yeap inside the University the wifi really sucks.

Artwork : start to discuss with several people if we can build a real collaboration team about artwork. And try something really new and different for 12.1. Nothing is done yet, but future will tell me if I’m right or not

Wednesday ask nepomuk maintainer to have a look on some bugs hanging around : patches are waiting in git now 😀


Desktop Summit 2011 - Berlin - Group photo

open source software is all about humans, and people after all

I really enjoy to meet in real life for the first time Frédéric Crozat, Ismail Dömnetz, Bin Lin, Riccardo Iaconelli, Georg C.F. Greve, Camila, Lamarque V, +100
See a lot of already known friends like Andreas Jaeger, Andrea Florio, Sacha Pellicke, Bernhard Wiederman, Will Stephenson, Jos, Izabele, Javier Lorente, Vincent Untz, Claudia Rauch, Aaron J. Seigo, my beloved greek team, Thomas Thym +200 others

Was really impressive, and I need to fix my memory who love to mix names and faces


Pretty much all talks 😀
I’m waiting the recorded sessions now.
Time to talk with all friends around.
The group photo, we were blocked at a slow pizzeria with Javier Lorente at that time. and they didn’t wait us!
A lot of People


Andreas Jaeger Album
Efstathios Iosifidis’s album
Bruno Friedmann’s Album

A big big thanks to the organization team!

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