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The Exo Typeface Family

December 8th, 2011 by

Some week ago, I’ve stumbled upon a very promising font project. It’s called the Exo Typeface Family and I think this could be a valuable addition to our distribution:

The sans serif font is beautifully crafted and contains 9(!) different width as you can see in the following graphic:

Natanael, the graphic designer, wrote about his font:

Today Exo is already a very mature font family, with over 700 characters supporting most Western, Central and Eastern European languages – and it can still go further! This coverage has been reached for all 9 weights, the maximum possible on the web. Each weight has an upright style and the corresponding ‘true’ italic style. Many ‘techno’ fonts have only the simple slanted oblique companion styles, but for the highest typographic quality it is essential to have true italics that are drawn specially.

Some unique OpenType features:

If this project reaches its funding goal it will be published in Google Web Fonts under the SIL Open Font License. Currently, almost 80% is pledged, but only 18 days are left. If you find this project useful, please help Natanael and make the Web a more beautiful place. I already did so. Thanks!

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3 Responses to “The Exo Typeface Family”

  1. Hi Thomas, thanks for sharing my work with this community!
    Its interesting because a few years ago I was a opensuse user myself, and I wanted to help it go further but haven’t that much to offer. But with this typeface I think I can offer something! : )

    • Hi Natanael,

      hey, great to hear from you! You’ve discovered my blog! 😀 I wanted to bother you with a mail anyway but you was faster than me. 🙂

      Natanael, it doesn’t need great programming skills to help. Sometimes it is enough to file a bug report, point out problems, improve our Wiki, or — as you did — create wonderful fonts. IHMO this skill is underestimated and fills a gap in the open source community.

      I’m watching your page almost on a daily basis. With my tiny contribution, I hope your work will get more widespread and known to the public. Unfortunately, I was a bit slow as I was busy with other things so I didn’t think of writing a blog entry about this. Well, that’s fixed now. 😉

      Keep up the great work and, with some luck, we will use it also in our Web pages or books as well.


  2. Your contribution was indeed very helpful! As it is this post too.
    I’m really happy to know people believe in the work I am doing.
    Thank you so much!