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One that got away – 12.3 Networking

March 13th, 2013 by

Well openSUSE 12.3 is about to go live  and we are all pretty excited. It is, as far as I can tell a rock solid release and we have outdone ourselves. Considering the short release cycle makes this even more impressive.

One can only thank everyone in the community for pulling together, getting a lot of stuff done and delivering a great release.

Yet, there’s one sprinkle that rains on our parade. While we completed the switch to systemd we somewhere along the lines forgot to check the status of NetworkManager on an installed system. Thus, when you upgrade from a previous release and NetworkManager is disabled, it will be enabled and running after the upgrade is complete, sorry. If you happen to be running a network bridge your bridge will not be working and you’ll end up in some weird network state where ifconfig will tell you that both your bridge and your Ethernet card have an IP address. Your routing table will also be messed up. Addressing the issue is easy.

Login as root, which you will have to do at the login manager if you happen to run NIS, disable NetworkManager, stop the NetworkManager service, and restart your network. You are now back to your original configuration, no sweat ­čśë . Below is a list of commands you want to run as the root user to make this happen:

# systemctl –force disable NetworkManager.service

# systemctl stop NetworkManager.service

# rcnetwork restart

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2 Responses to “One that got away – 12.3 Networking”

  1. vrm

    I did a clean install and encountered the same problem- no networking was configured during installation so networkmanager was not even installed.

    Also, the installer is buggy- if you tweak the packages during installation, it usually throws an error at the end but usually its OK. The error happened even with 12.2 but missing networkmanager was the big issue.

    opensuse still installs a lot of extraneous packages, even after I specified it to not do so. I wish the installer would get better at this.

  2. Steven Starr

    rcnetwork restart throws a sudo: rcnetwork: command not found error.

    I had to sudo /sbin/rcnetwork restart

    Even after updating my system and following your instructions NetworkManager is still not working, I do have internet so thank god for that.