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Tidy home, tidy Build Service

April 6th, 2013 by

Anyone using the Open Build Service in the last couple of weeks will notice how hopelessly overloaded it is.  I blame the ARM lads ;).  But there is something that we should all do as responsible community members: delete or disable your old stuff.

I’ve just spent 15 minutes going through my Open Build Service home:wstephenson project, deleting unfinished works in progress, finished branches that were never deleted, inherited repositories in branched projects that aren’t relevant to the tweaks I’m making, and I think I’ve saved about 100 repositories for the OBS scheduler to recalculate and look at publishing.

Time for you to spring clean too?

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One Response to “Tidy home, tidy Build Service”

  1. Eliasse Diaite

    Hi Will,

    You are perfectly right. The whole OBS needs such a clean up due to unnecessary stuff in unmaintained repositories as well as redundancies in the system itself.

    I hope that all users with an OBS account will follow your example soon.

    Best regards