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oSC13 – some more details and thoughts

August 13th, 2013 by

While we’re internally working on an openSUSE Conference report, we share a few more thoughts on the event.


The openSUSE both was located near the reception desk. The booth featured:

  • Merchandise, including fresh 12.3 DVDs, openSUSE flyers, calendars, stickers and bookmarks. The team brought a stack of ‘old’ flyers from Nuremberg which were ordered burned by Jos (who brought new style flyers from Berlin, initially printed for LinuxTag 2013). These old flyers are so outdated, both in terms of artwork and text, that it is pointless to keep giving them out…
  • We are Hiring flyers: Due to the demand of the flyers, we printed 30 more jobs descriptions, all were delivered.
  • The booth was dressed up in the openSUSE booth cloth, had a standing X banner and on the table was one of our big touch screens. The booth cloth and standing X banner were ‘test versions’ for what will probably be included in future Booth Boxes. The designs were temporary, and in case of the table cloth, quite horrible…
  • Last but not least, the booth staff of rotating SUSE employees (rotating shifts) informed visitors of what was going on in the openSUSE world.

Of course there were other booths. Mozilla presented the new Mozilla OS, allowing us to be grabby with two prototype phones; there were KDE and GNOME booths with some merchandising, an Oracle booth where a very knowledgeable Oracle employee answered questions about MySQL and MariaDB. There also was an LPI booth for those hungry for knowledge and an FSFE booth for the hungry-for-freedom folk.

We kind’a like having a booth area for in between the talks. What do you think?

Schedule and content

The openSUSE team organized and gave quite a number of talks and sessions. A quick list:


We plan to increase our efforts especially in training workshops next year as there’s a lot of knowledge in SUSE that should be shared with the community.

We’d again like to thank everybody involved in the booth staffing, talks, workshops and everything else, of course!

Weekly statistics

And as usual, we bring you the top-10 contributors to openSUSE Factory. Great work, all!

Spot Name
1 Raymond Wooninck
2 Ladislav Slezak
3 Peter Trommler
4 Dominique Leuenberger
5 Greg Freemyer
6 Stephan Kulow
7 Sascha Peilicke
8 Simon Lees
9 Hans-Peter Jansen
10 Marcus Meissner

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