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LinuxDays 2013

October 24th, 2013 by

gadgets at Linuxdays 2013
Michal Hrušecký writes about Linuxdays 2013. Last year, openSUSE helped this event kick off big, and we were there again this year!

Introducing Linuxdays 2013

Of course you remember the openSUSE Conference 2012: bootstrapping awesome, the four-for-the-price-of-one event? The one in Prague? We had the combination of the openSUSE Conference, SUSE Labs, a Gentoo miniconf and the local LinuxDays conference. The last two for the first time ever. While Gentoo miniconf didn’t have continuation, LinuxDays conference has been bootstrapped successfully and this year in the beginning of October, the conference took place for the second time. And Amazing it was.

Visitors and talks

Let’s start with some numbers. Before the conference started, there were 650 registrations. On Saturday about 400 people went through registration and on Sunday about 300 joined the event. A little geeky number – about 600 different Mac addresses connected to the WiFi. The event featured 31 talks and 6 workshops for these visitors.
building a 3D printer at Linuxdays 2013

Presentations were for both beginners and advanced geeks. There were talks describing Gnome 3 evolution, news in Libre Office or how openSUSE gets created. On the other hand, there were talks about MySQL fine tunning, an introduction to Autotools and a session about TCP Multipath.

Workshops and booths

Another interesting part of the conference was the 3D printing workshop. It ran through the whole Saturday and a part of Sunday. People could order parts for 3D printers with delivery to the conference and there was a team of experienced 3D printer builders in the workshop helping people build their own printer. There was huge interest in this workshop, but due to the limited capacity, only the first nine registrations were accepted. In the end all nine 3D printers were successfully built and many people saw and learned how to build their own!
Geeko popular at Linuxdays 2013

Like last year, there were booths with various interesting open source projects. Mainly distributions – Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, openSUSE, Slax and Ubuntu – but there were also XFCE and Geany booths, an OpenMobility booth and a booth with some geeky stuff to buy, like mugs, T-shirts or Raspberry-Pi’s with various shields.

As far as the openSUSE stand goes, people liked our DVDs, both the ones with openSUSE and SLE (we had some evaluation versions to give away), but as always Geeko got the most attention. People just looooove this lizard. We had plenty of questions regarding where can they get one.

Overall, the conference was quite a success and there will definitely be a LinuxDays 2014!


And now it’s time for numbers again. Who were our top contributors to openSUSE Factory in the last week? Here you go:
Linuxdays 2013

Spot Name
1 Raymond Wooninck
2 Dominique Leuenberger
3 Hrvoje Senjan, Bjørn Lie
4 Richard Brown
5 Dirk Mueller
6 Denisart Benjamin
7 Todd R
8 Michal Vyskocil
9 Sascha Peilicke
10 Matthias Mailänder, Marguerite Su

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