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Short report from Installfest 2014 Prague

March 6th, 2014 by

installfest pragueThis week, Michal and Tomáš write about their visit of the Installfest 2014 in Prague.

Installfest Prague is a local conference that despite it’s name has talk tracks and sometime even quite technical topics. We, Michal Hrušecký and Tomáš Chvátal, attended this event and spread the Geeko News around…

Linux for beginners workshop

Tomáš worked with local community member Amy Winston to show that our lovely openSUSE 13.1 is great for day-to-day usage, even (or especially) for people migrating from windows. We demonstrated KDE’s Plasma Desktop, how to use YaST to achieve common tasks and then asked the audience for specific requests about things to demonstrate. We can tell you the participants liked Steam a lot! Apart from the talking about and demonstrating openSUSE we also explained people that SUSE is selling SLE and they can buy it in the store if they want a rock-solid stable OS.

The workshop setup was a bit tricky because the machines didn’t have optical drives and we didn’t have enough usb sticks to work around the issue. Our solution was to boot up the ISO directly from PXE server and force NetworkManager to not start during the boot because it happily overwrote the network configuration and thus loosing the ISO it was booting from.

Factory workflow presentation

Over the last months, our team has been working on improving the way we develop openSUSE: theF Factory Workflow. You can read up on it in earlier blogs here. During the Installfest, we showcased our new workflow which uses openQA and staging projects. We discussed what we try to achieve what we can already do right now with osc/obs/openQA combo. People were quite enthusiastic and two people in the audience already used Factory!

As always we mentioned that we have Easy hacks and we really really want people to work on them.

Overall SUSE presence

openSUSE/SUSE presence was as usual high on this event so we tried our best to let people know that we are cool as project and great as company. We shared with everyone our openSUSE/SLE dvds, posters, stickers, … During the talks/workshops we also gave out SUSE swag as presents to people who answered some tricky questions.

Job offerings

We let everyone know that we are looking for plenty of new people in various departements. Namely QA/QAM to which few people got interested and took the printed out prospects. So hopefully our teams will grow 🙂

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