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Randa meetings – August 2014 – report from a Geeko’s point of view

August 25th, 2014 by

Konqi Randa Mascot

2 Weeks ago myself and Françoise had joined the [http://www.randa-meetings.ch/ Randa Meeting] in Switzerland.

This event is a full hack-week where between around fifty people, that help to change the world, met together and hack around [http://www.kde.org KDE Community] related stuff. More on
KDE sprint page

I’ve heard about Randa from years, and had seen numerous reports about how Randa hack-week has allowed lots of changes : Plasma, Software collection, etc…

This year, we decided not only to financially sponsor the event, but also be part of as simple helper, with the status of newcomers in the KDE community contributors. Just to check how it goes.
Mario Fux (the organizer) didn’t fake his involvement to make this week a success, in a full open source spirit.

We’re reporting below a number of blog post that have been made during the hackweek.
And as the icing on the cake, you could just watch the video realized during the week.


Where’s the Geeko at Randa?

I was proud to see number of people wearing openSUSE t-shirt, using openSUSE on their computer.
Mario still has a number of old 11.4 t-shirts to spread. I’ve also given a very limited number of new usb key.

Interesting enough to note that the big marketing effort done years ago, is still used.
Yeah I’m looking at you dear big openSUSE’s Sponsor 🙂


Geeko’s car at Randa 2014

Packed in the Geeko’s car, which was highly complimented, we brought my laptop, a new "MacBroken pro 13.1 retina" with OSX & live usb Frameworks5, the camera and also a camcorder. While I was helping a bit for creating the new Frameworks5 book, proposing a cover for it in collaboration with people in the visual group forum.
Françoise made a lot of pictures, participate to the book’s direction and target brainstorm. Then she met Lucie.

Lucie is a professional Video-maker, working with kdenlive. The temptation to do something with the camcorder, Lucie’s competencies, and all the attendee was high enough to start a new spontaneous “PRESS” team 🙂

Thank you!

Once again, we would like to give a special hug to Mario Fux, for his enthusiasm, and kindness. Yes Mario, it will be an honor to be part of Randa Verein, to help you to achieve more next year.
Also we send our warmest thanks to all participants. You were all impressive about your friendly welcome, your guidance, the work you achieved.

Conclusion, we’ll be there next year!
Shouldn’t we, openSUSE Community, model this success for our Free Future?

Picture collections about the meeting

* Vijay Dhameliya on Panoramio
* Bruno Friedmann on Google+ Sat Sun
* Bruno Friedmann on G+ Monday
* Bruno Friedmann on G+ Tuesday
* Bruno Friedman post about Randa Meeting 2014 video


* Mirko Boehm (25 Aug 2014): How to contribute to the KDE FrameworksCookbook
* Valorie Zimmerman (23 Aug 2014): Counting the days until Akademy!
* Călin Cruceru (19 Aug 2014): Randa Meetings 2014 – Impressions
* Denis Steckelmacher (18 Aug 2014): Google Summer of Code 2014: QML/Javascript language support for KDevelop 4 and 5
* Kevin Funk (17 Aug 2014): Randa Report: Hacking on KDE and meeting friends
* Mirko Boehm (16 Aug 2014): The KDE Randa Meeting 2014 in retrospective
* Dan Vratil (15 Aug 2014): Hacking my way through Randa
* Alvaro Soliverez (14 Aug 2014): KMyMoney – Randa wrap-up
* David Edmundson (14 Aug 2014): Randa Part 1: Gwenview on Frameworks
* Jos Poortvliet (14 Aug 2014): How else to help out
* Harald Sitter (14 Aug 2014): Mountains, Multimedia, and Cheese
* Albert Astals Cid (14 Aug 2014): KDE Randa Meetings 2014 – The End
* Christian Esken (14 Aug 2014): KMix ported to KDE Frameworks 5
* Andreas Cord-Landwehr (13th Aug 2014): Artikulate KF5 Porting Almost Done
* Vijay Dhameliya (13th Aug 2014): It’s all about Hacking, Adventures and Food : Randa Meetup 2014
* Simon Eugster (13 Aug 2014): Randa meeting 2014
* Denis Steckelmacher (13 Aug 2014): Randa: Meeting many people and working together
* Cornelius Schumacher (13 Aug 2014): The Book
* Harald Sitter (12 Aug 2014): Phonon + GStreamer + VLC 4.8 Beta
* David Narvaez (12 Aug 2014): Kig on Frameworks!
* Albert Astals Cid (12 Aug 2014): KDE Randa Meetings 2014 Day 4
* Harald Sitter (11 Aug 2014): Volume
* Valorie Zimmerman (11 Aug 2014): Randa Meetings sprint: KDE Frameworks Cookbook progress
* Christian Esken (11 Aug 2014): Plans for KMix during the Randa Sprint
* Cornelius Schumacher (10 Aug 2014): Announcing first Inqlude alpha release
* Denis Steckelmacher (10 Aug 2014): KDevelop QML/JS ported to KDevelop 5
* Randa Meetings (10 Aug 2014): The Randa Meetings 2014 are on
* Albert Astals Cid (9 Aug 2014): KDE Randa Meetings 2014 Day 1
* Kdenlive team (5 Aug 2014): Cleaning things before next impulse
* Denis Steckelmacher (5 Aug 2014): The DOM and your wish-list
* Valorie ZImmerman (5 Aug 2014): Coming up: excitement and work

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