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AMD FGLRX – the 14.9 refurbished version for openSUSE 13.2 and Tumbleweed

November 13th, 2014 by

Hey good news, finally, Sebastian Siebert manage to create a compatible drivers for our last release.
Tumbleweed is supported too (perhaps only until it diverge consequently from 13.2).

Kernel 3.18 will be supported too.

For complete original story, refer to the original post.

The driver were published 8 days ago and some brave enough soul test them with success. Especially if you have a pure gpu comibnation.
It seems some people with intel cpu/gpu + amd gpu still have trouble, but that can be linked to the intel driver problems.

The new repository url are :




To upgrade any previous version : uninstall fglrx_xpicXXXX and install the whole new rpms

This special version has been published only for 13.2 and Tumbleweed. We will wait a real updated official drivers to update the others flavors of openSUSE.

Have fun

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20 Responses to “AMD FGLRX – the 14.9 refurbished version for openSUSE 13.2 and Tumbleweed”

  1. derekk

    thank you!

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you. 🙂
    When do you expect the official drivers to update?

  3. Chris

    I installed the drivers but now my picture is ,,fizzeled,, it shows horizontal lines and the whole picture is like a splitscreen where the picture went so far to the right that the other side shows on the left side of the screen. I testet the driver and it worked but it is noz showing a really usable picture most of the time.

    What could be the problem?

    Thank you

  4. Chris


    I use 13.2.

  5. Willkommen ID

    Thanks a lot for this info, I’ve used already in my Dell Precision M4700 and it works! it seems fine OpenSuSE 13.2

  6. ash

    Hi for new people to Linux can someone explain How to install them ,please

  7. Chris


    It is still not really working.
    Just every 100th try (at least it feels as much) it works like it is suppost to be.
    I still could not find a way to make it 100% work.

  8. derekk

    that’s the procedure i used, works since first installation.
    adding repo (i use tumbleweed, change if you use 13.2)

    zypper ar -f -c http://geeko.ioda.net/mirror/amd-fglrx/openSUSE_Tumbleweed/

    follow the guide https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:AMD_fglrx

    from opensuse>=12.2
    to “Reboot in console mode (same flags as before) ”
    Once you rebooted in console mode, log in, become root and install the driver

    zypper in fglrx64*
    if you use 64bit distro, or

    zypper in fglrx_*
    if you have 32bit disto.

    Wait, reboot.
    that Works like a charme for me.

  9. Chris

    Thank you for your help but after reading the guide i became completly confused…

    • derekk

      what didn’t you understand?
      Open terminal and type
      su –
      type you root password

      then add repo
      zypper ar -f -c http://geeko.ioda.net/mirror/amd-fglrx/openSUSE_13.2/ fglrx (sorry, i missed fglrx in previous post)

      next, restart pc. At boot menu make sure the “normal” grub2 entry for openSUSE is highlighted, press E button and add at the bottom of the line that begins with
      “linux /boot/ etc etc this words: radeon.modeset=0 blacklist=radeon 3
      Press CTRL X to start opensuse, insert user and password and type
      zypper in fglrx64*

      wait and reboot

  10. Chris

    It is not functioning. When i type:zypper in fglrx64* It says that it can not connect to the repositories URL.

    At the top of the screen it says:drm:radeon_init *ERROR* No UMS support in radeon module!

    Can you tell me please what i did wrong?

    Thank you for your help.

  11. derekk

    maybe you have 32 bit opensuse. In this case type this command to install drvier
    zypper in fglrx_*

    what is the result of the command below?
    zypper se fgrlx

    this is mine:
    zypper se fglrx
    Loading repository data…
    Reading installed packages…

    S | Name | Summary | Type
    i | fglrx64_amdcccle_SUSEFACTORY | fglrx amdcccle package | package
    i | fglrx64_core_SUSEFACTORY | fglrx core package | package
    i | fglrx64_graphics_SUSEFACTORY | fglrx graphics package | package
    i | fglrx64_opencl_SUSEFACTORY | fglrx opencl package | package
    i | fglrx64_xpic_SUSEFACTORY | X Window display driver for the AMD gra-> | package
    | fglrx_amdcccle_SUSEFACTORY | fglrx amdcccle package | package
    | fglrx_core_SUSEFACTORY | fglrx core package | package
    | fglrx_graphics_SUSEFACTORY | fglrx graphics package | package
    | fglrx_opencl_SUSEFACTORY | fglrx opencl package | package
    | fglrx_xpic_SUSEFACTORY | X Window display driver for the AMD gra-> | package

  12. Chris

    Thats my result:

    S | Name | Zusammenfassung | Typ
    i | fglrx64_amdcccle_SUSE132 | fglrx amdcccle package | Paket
    i | fglrx64_core_SUSE132 | fglrx core package | Paket
    i | fglrx64_graphics_SUSE132 | fglrx graphics package | Paket
    i | fglrx64_opencl_SUSE132 | fglrx opencl package | Paket
    i | fglrx64_xpic_SUSE132 | X Window display driver for the AMD gra-> | Paket
    | fglrx_amdcccle_SUSE132 | fglrx amdcccle package | Paket
    | fglrx_core_SUSE132 | fglrx core package | Paket
    | fglrx_graphics_SUSE132 | fglrx graphics package | Paket
    | fglrx_opencl_SUSE132 | fglrx opencl package | Paket
    | fglrx_xpic_SUSE132 | X Window display driver for the AMD gra-> | Paket

  13. derekk

    ok, so you will be able to install driver. If you have 32bit distro, type
    zypper in fglrx_*


    zypper in fglrx64*

    If you encouter other problems, I suggest you to write in opensuse forum, 🙂

  14. Wladimir

    Is it running on Gnome? I’ve tried yesterday twice, no success. Maybe a Wayland issue with fglrx? Thanks.

  15. Anonymous

    AMD Catalyst 14.12 is released today.

  16. MartinL

    Hi All,

    I hope you can help. I’m using openSUSE 13.2 64bit, but I’ve also got the intel cpu/gpu + amd gpu setup. Installed the drivers by adding the above repo and using YaST2. The installed without any issue and I rebooted desktop. Booted fine and everything was displayed as should be. I tried to start YaST2 again and got an error “segmentation fault $y2ccbin $Y2UI_ARGS” also I’m a massive Minecraft player. I tried to start Minecraft via ATLauncher, but this also failed with an no OpenGL error.

    Can anyone help.

    Thanks in advance for your help.