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Replacing Github Services with GitHub Webhooks

February 1st, 2019 by

The GitHub team announced some time ago that the so called GitHub Services will be obsolete and will be replaced with the GitHub web hooks.

We use the GitHub Services quite a lot in the YaST Team and, as we promised, we will try to summarize how replaced them.


Travis should add the new web hook automatically, just check if you can see a https://notify.travis-ci.org webhook configured for your repository. If it is missing then the easiest way to add them is just disabling the Travis builds for the repository and enabling it back. Doing this should add the new Travis web hook automatically.


If your project uses Weblate for managing the translations then use the https://<weblate_server>/hooks/github/ webhook URL. If you use the openSUSE Weblate instance, then use the https://l10n.opensuse.org/hooks/github/ URL for the web hook.

See the Weblate documentation for more details.


The RubyDoc.info service can be replaced by adding the https://www.rubydoc.info/checkout web hook (leave the other web hook options unchanged).

Read the Docs

The Readthedocs service uses unique web hook URL for each GitHub repository. You need to log into the Read the Docs site, select your project in the dashboard and in the Admin section select option Integrations. Then press Add integration and select the GitHub incoming webhook option. This will generate an URL address which can be used at GitHub as the web hook URL (again, leave the other options unchanged).

Email GitHub Service

The email service is automatically converted by GitHub to the new email notification setting so you should not need to do any change. If the notification emails are not delivered then check the Notifications section in the repository settings. In order to do that, you need the admin permission, see the GitHub documentation.

Bye GitHub Services!

Github Services has served well for quite some time but moving to a webhooks based approach looks like the correct decision. We have already completed the transition in all of our repositories. Kudos to Ladislav Slezak for taking care!

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