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Announcing Candidacy for the openSUSE Community Board

October 28th, 2009 by


for everyone not subscribed (yet) to the opensuse-project mailinglist: here is my candidacy announcement for Board Member of the openSUSE Community Board once again.

Community, Election Committee,

I herewith announce my candidacy for Board Member of the openSUSE
Community Board.

My name is Rupert, I’m 28 and I’m currently on the home stretch of
studying business administration and electrical engineering at
Darmstadt University of Technology.

I have been involved with the openSUSE Project for several years. I
started using Linux with the release of SUSE Linux 9.1 and became an
active contributor to the Project during my Internship in Product
Management at Novell/SUSE in 2007/2008. In January 2008, I have been
approved as an official openSUSE member. As an employee and afterwards
as a community volunteer, I served as the Project Manager of the
openSUSE forums merge and contributed as a moderator to the openSUSE
community until May 2009. As a Workstudent for Community Architecture,
I worked on several forums-internal projects and contributed to the
openSUSE Weekly Newsletter in 2008/2009.

Currently I’m involved in the efforts to come up with a sufficient
usability concept for the openSUSE Wiki in co-work with the Wiki- and
Booster Teams.

My contributions to the openSUSE Project so far imho reflect clearly
that I’m an organizing and coordinating kind of person and that I’m
focused on the social components of building and growing an
Open-Source Community. From my perspective, having a strong marketing
focus and thus providing sufficient support- and documentation
resources to the end user is just as important to the success of the
openSUSE Project as contributing to the distribution in a developing
capacity actually is. Just to make clear where I’m coming from.


Thanks a lot for listening,

Cast your vote !

October 21st, 2008 by

Up to now 65.40% of the  votes have been cast.

So if you’re a member or franchise voter -> now it’s time to cast your vote !

Geeko Vote!

Because of the power outage the deadline has been extended and ballots will close 1200UTC Saturday 25th October .

Here’s the link to users.opensuse.org .

openSUSE Board Elections : Campaign for Pascal Bleser

October 9th, 2008 by

openSUSE Board Elections phase 1 will be finally over at 1200 UTC on 09 October 2008. I’m quite silent with the elections discussion on openSUSE mailing list (marketing, project and another mailing list) due to my job, my project in Indonesian openSUSE community and due to Happy Eid Mubarak holiday here in Indonesia, but as openSUSE lovely user, I will vote for somebody who will be stand for openSUSE board, as our (or me as openSUSE user) gateway between community and Novell.

I’m really appreciated for everyone who take the opportunity as openSUSE board candidate. It should be a great job.  All of openSUSE board candidate have technical or supporting background, active in the community and show their great effort and participation in the past.

One of openSUSE board candidate is Pascal Bleser (well known as yaloki on IRC). I have a nice discussion by IRC and by mail with him and get a good response. He is an incumbent of openSUSE board, means that he was currently openSUSE board member with AJ, Coolo, Federico and Francis.

Pascal BleserI know he has good technically background (describing zypper stuff for about 1 hour 😛 ), active on FOSDEM, good dad for his baby (look at the photos 😀 ) and don’t forget, he has been actively on merging and joining Packman repositories for openSUSE.

I don’t see any reason why I could not choose him as openSUSE member for next period. With his experience as first openSUSE board member; his technically background; his connection to another person in various open source project; and his good position to understand relation between Novell and the community, he would be the best choice for next openSUSE member.

Vote and campaign for Pascal Bleser as openSUSE Board member !

Retiring from the openSUSE Board

October 8th, 2008 by

I have served as chairperson of the openSUSE board the last year and would like to announce that I decided to pass the honours on for the next election period.  I’ve made this decision out of personal plans for the next year that will not allow me to devote as much time to the board as it deserves since I’ll be some time on paternity leave.

In my professional role I will stay involved with the openSUSE project and I will support the new chairperson fully to make a smooth transition. The new chairperson will be announced at the same time as the new board members, at the end of this election.

I enjoyed being openSUSE chairperson – working together with excellent board members (thanks Coolo, Federico, Francis, and Pascal), internal and external community members to move openSUSE forward in areas like openSUSE “members” (I would really love to see a better name), forums, the distribution, marketing (getting Zonker onboard was part of it) and also getting these elections setup.

Btw. I have given some comments (like here) on the board previously.

Last Day For Granting Franchise Votes

October 8th, 2008 by

Phase1 of the Board Election process comes to a close at 1200 UTC on 09 October 2008.  That means after that time there will be no additional people eligible to vote for candidates.  Franchise votes are possibly the least understood aspect of the election process, this is even after the best efforts of the Election Committee and Candidates.  No one is to blame, it’s just fact.

So let me try once more to explain what the Franchise voting is all about.  In a nutshell an openSUSE Member has the ability to grant a registered user, but not member, the priveledge to vote in the upcoming Board Election.  Why? Simplisticly it’s to get more voters/users/contributors involved in influencing how the openSUSE project progresses.  There are 2831 registered users now, but only 212 Members – so according to my bad maths that makes about 7.5% eligable to vote. That to me isn’t entirely representative of the community, so in comes the Franchise vote, we members have the ability to increase that voting percentage to 15%.  The catch is that the users have to have registered prior to 01 September 2008.

So how do users get the franchise? Simplist way is ask a member 🙂  Members will not be able to grant users a franchise if they have not registered prior to 01Sept08 so dont try and bluff, the system knows 😉  How do you find out who is a member? Simple, go to users.opensuse.org and “Browse Members“.  From there you can get contact details for IRC nicks, etc and try and convince them that you are worthy.

So please if you haven’t done so, go and get your franchise and help influence openSUSE.  For members that haven’t given out their franchise you can “Browse Users” and find someone you recognise and ask them if they would like a franchise vote.  People this is YOUR Board that is being voted in, if you don’t speak up now then you’ll loose your voice until the next election!

openSUSE Membership Applications…

September 25th, 2008 by

The openSUSE board met yesterday to go through all the open membership applications.  Since many applied in the last days, we had to go over 67 applications.  Additionally there were some members that applied after the deadline for voting, we did not look at their applications for now and will handle them later.  Out of the 67 applications, we postponed 6 since we first needed to answer some more questions, approved around 30 and rejected the rest. So, we have right now 211 approved openSUSE members.

Details about membership are in the wiki but let me explain a bit more what membership means using some practical examples.


Final Reminder

September 23rd, 2008 by

Yes it is I, FunkyPenguin, on my Party Political Soap Box calling out to all you unbelievers.

You have less than 23hrs till applications for membership for voting purposes is closed; you also have the same small amount of time to notify us of your intention to run for a position for the first community elected Board. I know there are some of you who have been thinking about running – it’s now or never to be part of the 1st. Sure you can go for it next election, but you should really go for it now 😉

Remember you need to be a member before you can run for the Board!

For more info please see my earlier call.

160hrs Till Notifications And Applications Close

September 17th, 2008 by

OK people listen up… please?

Thanks! OK, just a reminder that you have less than 160 hours to register for the openSUSE board election if you haven’t done so already.

For the mathematically challenged, 160 hours is just under seven full days! Yes, that is how long you have left to get your membership application in to be able to vote on the upcoming board election. It is also the amount of time you have left to get your notification of intention to run for the first community elected Board.

You can only run for the board if you hold openSUSE Membership, you can only vote for your favourite candidates if you have openSUSE Membership. Do you see a pattern here? Good!

Also it would be good if all of the current candidates could ensure that they have filled in their platforms on the openSUSE wiki as requested before then. Some have already, I appreciate that people are busy, but if you want to be on the Board (or vote for the board) you have to be prompt. Slackers will not be tolerated! 😉

Geeko wants you

Obligatory Political Image

openSUSE Board Election Comments

September 6th, 2008 by

The first openSUSE board has been appointed a year ago and now the elections are starting.  We have formed an election committee that is organising it (see here for details – thanks to Marko, Andrew, Claas and Vincent for running the elections!).

I had some good discussions with Pascal, Andrew and Marco during hackweek about the board and Pascal and myself have the same vision for the board.  Both Pascal and myself committed to blog about the board elections and Pascal beat me to it (see here and here for his two posts).  I’m not blogging to refute what Pascal wrote, I’m writing this to give my personal view as well – as the current chairman of the board.