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FLISOL 2010 GYE – Some Late Numbers and Experiences

June 3rd, 2010 by

I know, I know… it is a bit late ( more than a month ) since FLISOL took place in Guayaquil-Ecuador this year… but a lot a time consuming activities have stopped me from reporting some results. Even though more than a month have passed, I think I should let you know what happened.

Compared to previous years, the event of this year was relatively smaller. An approximate of 200 people assisted, from which for the ~80% it was their first time that assisted to FLISOL, 50% of visitors had not used or heard about FLOSS before, ~13% were below 18 years old and ~75% were between 18-35 years old.

There are 3 things that I would like to point from this year’s event:

  1. Most of the event was organized by the new members from Kokoa ( ESPOL’s Free Software Community ), who I send my congratulations since it was a very good start. They were just newbies and took the challenge of organizing the biggest FLOSS event in town. As an old Kokoa kore member I know how difficult can be to organize FLISOL, and I can say those guys did a good job.
  2. One of the rooms that caught most of the attention of the visitors was the gaming room. It mostly attracted the young visitors from different genres. I think that gnu/linux is a niche that has started to be exploited in the gaming area. Personally I have tried some games since the very first time I had openSUSE (SuSE Linux back then) installed and I have seen how good known titles and good quality indie games are coming to gnu/linux. I think that with openSUSE GameStore , some gamers and developers from the openSUSE community we can try to promote our lovely green as a good platform for gaming.
  3. Last but not least, I would like to say thanks to Jarflex, ESPOL’s Digital Culture Club, Ecuagamers and all the people who contributed to make this event possible.

Summarizing, this year it was seen a collaboration between different groups and enterprises somehow related to FLOSS that , locally, was not seen before. This might be a further step of what was started in 2007 when we tried to take FLISOL from a FLOSS installation festival for FLOSS enthusiast to a FLOSS event that will catch the attention of people of different ages with different interests.

Until the next post people of the openSUSEsphere…


PS.1: Some pictures by: @sarahjessi, Kmeng, @_abejamaya , Jarflex and Ecuagamers
PS.2: If you are interested or have some ideas related to openSUSE gaming [site] please write a comment or contact me.