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Kernel Of The Day Build Service Projects

January 8th, 2009 by

People interested in openSUSE and kernel development probably know about the existence of the Kernel Of The Day (KOTD). This is the latest and greatest code from the internal kernel source repository that is build once a day and synced out to ftp.suse.com. The intention of the KOTD is to ease the testing and running of development snapshots that likely become the next maintenance update.

Some people might have noticed the Kernel: projects that produce a quite heavy load on the build farm. These are KOTD projects that are mirrored to the openSUSE Build Service every night around 4pm CET if there are changes in the internal source repositories.

Currently the following KOTD projects exist:

Additionally there are two projects that are related to upstream kernel development:

  • Kernel:Vanilla includes the latest sources from Linus Torvalds’ linux-2.6 GIT tree
  • Kernel:linux-next includes the latest sources from Stephen Rothwell’s linux-next GIT tree

With the help of the openSUSE Build Service running the KOTD became even more convenient since the project repository can be added to zypper. Besides that it is now very easy to build external kernel modules (KMP) matching the KOTD.