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Aux armes citoyens! Et cetera

June 19th, 2011 by

This post is for the openSUSE Members!

Whatever your opinion, just vote

Freedom and Democracy

Well, I think I have to explain that french title…

Nah, let’s not bother and move on 😀

Part of democracy is that if you don’t cast your ballot you have no influence! So don’t let others decide for you, when you can act!

Members, we need your vote!

We’re almost 500 members, and this message is for you.
Our freedom to choose our direction and control our project as we wish works only when we vote. As in real world democracies, not voting gets you nowhere.

So why this reminder?

Because : I want you to vote!

  • First you read the stategy document (it’s really quickly done)
  • Think about it (Well, you have 10 days left for that)
  • Take a decision : Can you support that strategy?

    1. If 50% of your neurons +1 agree : vote yes
    2. if not : vote no
    3. if you really don’t know : vote I don’t know/care.
  • Connect to connect.opensuse.org and cast your vote.

What we need here is to send a strong signal that 99% of our members are alive and care about our project.
Otherwise, why would we bothered to become members, and keep that status, if not to infuence?


Why not add this signature to your mails you use on ML and/or forums?

The openSUSE Strategy, I've casted my vote! And you? http://bit.ly/iB2Dzh


Oh come on, I really hope that you’ve acted before reading this line 😉

Dead line is 29 June

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