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Get your openSUSE posters! Posters for everyone!

June 25th, 2008 by

These three openSUSE posters have been up for a while, but I now have the SVG files up so people can edit them, add their LUG or openSUSE Local User Group name/logo & address to them, change the design, etc. They are up on the Miscellaneous Artwork page, so our community can use them for flyers, posters, or to spam their neighbor’s mailboxes*. Comments, questions, or suggestions about the posters? Use that comment box below, folks ;-).

*Neither Kevin Dupuy, the openSUSE Project, nor Geeko endorse plastering people’s mailboxes with a bunch of openSUSE flyers. Save the trees, use email instead ;-).

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2 Responses to “Get your openSUSE posters! Posters for everyone!”

  1. Licence?

  2. ChrBeck

    The Posters license is necesary cause the Publisher allows us to edit.

    And one question: Does anyone know whrere the new posters are? They’ ve been erased in the Wiki.