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Archive for May 14th, 2008

Wiki on a Stick

May 14th, 2008 by

Have you ever had the problem that you start writing something in a wiki, take some time to think, drink coffee and do other things and finally press Save in your browser and realise that your session with the wiki has already ended?

There is a very cool thing that helps here, I saw it on Christian HĂŒllers screen recently: woas or Wiki on a Stick. This is a single (not simple 😉 html file that you open in your browser and it comes up as client side wiki that allows to edit documentation offline in wiki syntax with a browser based editor etc.

The nice thing is that the result is still one file. It is not really nice because of tons of styles and javascript functions in it, but it is just one non binary. That allows to check it into a source controll system and the problem “Maintaining the docs in Wiki or at the source” is a bit easier to decide now. Nice.

Discussing Garden Ornaments

May 14th, 2008 by

Well, it’s more the ornaments of the garden having a discussion 🙂

The GNOME Team are holding their meeting tomorrow Thursday 15th May at 1600GMT/UTC/ZULU (or translate it into your local time).  As always you can get sight of the agenda,the main themes for this week are PulseAudio, PackageKit, and installation patterns.

So if you have any suggestions, questions or complaints please join in on irc and get you voice heard.  Remember we are a community that like to work together.  If you want to try and influence anything within openSUSE then don’t be passive and sit in the background grumbling, stand up and join in.  This goes for all aspects of openSUSE, not just GNOME.  We won’t bite, but we may disagree.  From that disagreement we can hopefully get to an amicable compromise, or at the very least explain the decisions that have been made.

So please join use tomorrow and try and make GNOME even better under openSUSE 🙂  As it happens the KDE Team have their meeting today at 1800GMT/UTC/ZULU (translation to local).