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Zimbra Collaboration Suite 5.0.X Auto Install Script

May 15th, 2008 by

zimbra-logoopensuse logoI’m playing with Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) for about 2 years, and quite satisfied with the stability, feature and administrative console. Before applying Zimbra I used standard postfix for office mail server.

Zimbra released with 2 licensing schema, commercial and open source license. Their open source license provided with Yahoo Public License.

I’m currently using Zimbra 5.0.4 on openSUSE 10.3. Manual installation could be found in my personal blog : Zimbra Installation on openSUSE 10.3. You may need a small modification into ZCS installation script because ZCS originally released for openSUSE 10.2.

After deploying Zimbra on openSUSE 10.3 for such company (part of Indonesian openSUSE community project for increasing openSUSE usability and our promotion project of openSUSE usability for server side), I make a deal to write a small script using bash. It’s pretty simple and looks like a primitive script with just cp, tar and mv ­čśÇ . I will make a nice graphical user interface after learning C++ or Java ­čśë .

So, how to build powerful mail server with Zimbra on openSUSE 10.3 ? Here it does :

  1. Install openSUSE 10.3
  2. Make sure you have a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) for your hostname, ie : namahost.namadomain.com, not only namahost. Checked it out with YAST | Network Service | DNS & Host Name or by editing /etc/hosts directly
  3. Make sure you have more than 5 GB of free space. Please navigate into “Preparing your server environment” on Zimbra Wiki for more information.
  4. Setup your DNS server. For testing, you may only create name server and address record (NS MX & A records). Please refer to a nice article How to Setup BIND DNS Server. *We have a nice graphical setup DNS using YAST but it was written on Bahasa Indonesia* ­čÖé
  5. Download Zimbra-Auto install script
  6. Extract the script into /opt/zimbra-auto. I will make a flexible script in the future but currently the script will only worked with /opt/zimbra-auto until you editing the script
  7. Download ZCS open source edition for openSUSE. The script was originally written for ZCS ver 5.0.4. If you used the latest ZCS version, please feel free to make an editing into Zimbra-Auto script
  8. Getting started by running /opt/zimbra-auto/zimbra-auto-opensuse103.sh install script and follow the wizard.

Note :

  1. You may need add an exception port into firewall and AppArmor configuration
  2. I will make an entry on openSUSE wiki after reviewing the script

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  3. Installing ZCS 4.5.x on either openSUSE 10.2 or 10.3 a complete guide
  4. Problem may occurred regarding AppArmor Setting

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  1. Manne

    Any news on a community build for Zimbra – to work on OpenSUSE 11.1