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It builds!

May 29th, 2008 by

Out of total insanity I promised Adrian a couple of weeks ago to test local installation of the OBS build service and interconnect it with the build.opensuse.org instance. Last night I couldn’t sleep due to the heat, so I finally did. Half an hour later, everything was installed and set up correctly according to the README.SETUP instructions in the obs-server package. I’ve fixed a couple of small issues in the README while doing so.

This morning, Michael Schroeder fixed the remaining bugs in the scheduler so that it actually runs. And now it builds 🙂

Source and binary interconnects work fine, so I can e.g. branch a package that is somewhere in the openSUSE buildservice (some KDE:KDE4: package or even openSUSE:Factory) and modify it locally in a test project, and watch the resulting build failures. There are some smaller issues with “osc linkpac” and “osc branch”, but editing the _link  files directly works.This way one can do experimental changes to packaging without actually breaking the repository for all other users, or slow down the build power ressources for everybody else due to unnecessary rebuilds.

As a test case, I’ve imported KDE 4.0.5 packages into a local branch of KDE:KDE4:STABLE:Desktop for testing. More seems possible, like for example doing a daily rebuild of the KDE 4.

Really cool stuff. Buildservice guys, keep rocking!

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One Response to “It builds!”

  1. Adrian

    Your “osc branch” issues should be fixed.