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Welcome to the Official openSUSE Forums !

June 10th, 2008 by

After announced on March 11, 2008, official openSUSE forums has been established and starting work for providing better support for openSUSE community on June 09, 2008. Forums merges 3 existing openSUSE forums, suseforums.net, suselinuxsupport.de and the openSUSE support forums at forums.novell.com.

openSUSE forums

You could use single sign-on login with your Novell/openSUSE account. It’s also should be work with your existing account at existing forums but I didn’t try it ;-), so, please try to login before create another new account.

Thanks for all of Novell staff and openSUSE community members who make the dream come true. Quoting what Michael said last 3 month : “a big gain for the whole openSUSE Community !”

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4 Responses to “Welcome to the Official openSUSE Forums !”

  1. Hmm, there are this in FAQ:
    English: Welcome to the openSUSE Forums. Usually, business in our forums is conducted in English, however many of our community members speak other languages. If you prefer to use a language other than English, please feel free to do so and hopefully someone will get you a reply.
    I have a Czech translation:
    Česky: Vítejte na openSUSE fóru. Obvykle se v tomto fóru komunikuje Anglicky, avšak mnoho členů naší komunity mluví i jinými jazyky. Pokud upřednostňujete použití jiného jazyku, než je Angličtina, prosím nestyďte se jej použít a doufejte, že vám někdo odpoví.

    But I think one multi language forum is a really bad idea. I think, better solution is have own forum for every language. I really think something like cs.forums.opensuse.org will be much more better, that this.

    BTW is support for user interface translation? I can translate it into Czech. It is possible to detect right user interface language by HTTP headers….

  2. Thomas Coopman

    Great news!

    I did see a little bug, but I don’t know where to post it (nothing about it in the FAQ). So I’m posting it here.

    in the upper right corner the links are like this: | Today’s Posts | Search Register | Login

    shouldn’t there be a | between Search and Register?

  3. rhorstkoetter

    vavai, thanks for that pre-announcement 🙂

    we’ll announce the OSF to the public today anyway.
    JFYI, it’s not possible to login with old accounts of SF.net and/or SLS.de. You have to use your existing openSUSE account or create a new one!

  4. rlihm

    Hi Thomas Coopman.

    “shouldn’t there be a | between Search and Register?”

    Yes, there should be an “|” between them.

    Thank you for the hint! I take a look on it.