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June 16th, 2008 by

[PS. I coudn’t resist. I just had to name the package ‘*Kit’. ­čśë ]

Need to do a firmware update with a DOS program?

Can get tricky if you don’t have a DOS system around. We used to provide a bootable floppy image for that in the past (package dosbootdisk). But who has a floppy drive anyway?

So, here comes the new
package. Install it and run run, e.g. fuk --grub foobar.exe That’s it. The next reboot gives you the option to start DOS and run foobar.exe.

fuk can also create bootable ISOs and, of course, even floppy images.

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5 Responses to “FirmwareUpdateKit”

  1. bla

    great! So far i used for that an unused (because nowadays to small) usb-stick …

  2. Have you seen ‘biosdisk’, a project by Dell? It sounds similar. http://linux.dell.com/projects.shtml#biosdisk.

    • Steffen Winterfeldt

      Yes, I was sure there must be similar projects out there. But this is just
      a ~200 lines spin-off of my
      project. One of the IMO valid reasons to program first and google later. ­čÖé

  3. S

    Would it be safe to FUK a t60p with this application? ­čÖé