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new osc package released

July 10th, 2008 by

After two or three weeks of coding (not mine mostly, but by Marcus and Dirk), a lot of good stuff has accumulated in the osc development tree. Time to release a new package. It is a particularly good moment because today the 1.0 release of the Build Service has been announced.

The list of changes is long, the NEWS file has it all. Overview:

  • version 0.105
  • easier usage of osc submitreq: It is less picky on commandline arguments, can be called in working copies or project directories, figures out which build service instance to use, and has improved output. Also, there is a osc submitreq delete action now (which only works if you have write permissions on the destination though)
  • osc search: added option -i|–involved, to show in which projects/packages a developer is involved
  • osc importsrcpkg: no signature check anymore
  • osc linkpac: –revision option added.
  • osc copypac: use the correct userid when copying to another api host
  • osc build: double check the buildinfo for local builds.
  • osc buildhist: change the output into a format which better matches actual RPM filenames.
  • osc commit: give commit message tempfiles a “.diff” suffix, so syntax highlighting automatically works in capable editors
  • don’t expand/unexpand if the working copy has local modifications – this is a workaround for #399247 but this way the working copy isn’t screwed up. Also, make sure no _linkerror files end up in working copies.
  • better error reporting in a whole number of cases, especially printing out more available detail. For instance, osc meta now prints out a concrete text why something you submitted was not accepted.

Have a lot of fun with it.

And just a note, remember that it is very easy to write osc plugins in order to extend or alter the functionality! Here’s the documentation.

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