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oSC15 – 200, Why not packaging workshop like mini hack sprint

January 17th, 2015 by

welcomeHello Geekos.

I’m contacting you personally, as an openSUSE Board member.

You certainly already know that we want to have a kicking openSUSE conference next 1st-4th May 2015 at the Haag (NL).

Thus I’ve found that creating special workshop organized by development project could foster our beloved distribution.

oSC is the unique case in the year, where Geekos from all around the world meet together.
Let’s imagine you, meeting perhaps for the first time your fellows, having nice discussions, and hacking around the software you maintain.
There’s high level of chance to meet also your end users, and have constructive exchanges.

That’s why I invite you to propose a workshop directly to our event tools:

Having a workshop run like a mini-hack sprint, would help any of us in the distribution and the project.
Be it like learn people how to submit nice package, how to do maintenance, or how to do bug triage.
I feel confident that you will have the creative approach to resolve your own problematic.
The event place has small rooms for unattended sessions and they could be used to extend your workshop to get some more work done.

Some practical aspects:
oSC website : https://events.opensuse.org/conference/oSC15

And soon the travel support program for oSC 15 will be opened to handle your request about getting financial support for going to oSC.

If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, don’t hesitate to ask on -project mailing list
or ping me by reply.

A final note about the why you should do it? Well beside being one of our “heroes” even if nobody need them 🙂
You and your co-maintainers will be able to explain your “job” on the project.
Don’t you want to inspire new comers, lead them directly to the right direction, and share the load.
Meeting you there, will also help our “marketing” force to light up a bit the work done in the shadow.

I really will appreciate your presence, afterwards, it’s you that create our distribution.
The time has come for you to be warmly thank.

I’m looking forward to see you there.

osc build with kvm on an encrypted volume group

March 15th, 2014 by

How-to build a initrd-virtio on a fully encrypted volume group

If like me you care about your data stored on your laptop, you certainly use a fully encrypted (excepted /boot) configuration based on lvm.

In my case I also like to create, build, fix packages locally with our tool osc. I’ve plenty of power, beefy ssd, so I dedicate a logical lvm for building cleanly package with qemu-kvm configuration, like obs does

Prepare the kvm building system

As root you create 2 lvm volume with lvcreate, one will be the build root, the other one will be the additional swap

In ~/.oscrc I enable the following parameters

build-type = kvm
build-device = /dev/mapper/vg0-lvobsbuild
build-swap = /dev/mapper/vg1-lvobsswap
build-memory = 4096
build-vmdisk-rootsize = 16000
build-vmdisk-swapsize = 4000
build-vmdisk-filesystem = ext4

You just have to adjust the Memory quantity and the device to what you create for your own environment.


Combine osc with git

April 15th, 2009 by

Yesterday Jan-Simon (dl9pf) tells me about an great Program calls “git”. Git is an Version-Administration Program. Anything knows the Problem. We working on an Project into our osc, and 2 Weeks later, we don’t know, what the last changes was. On this place can git help.Now following a short Introducting:

First of all we need an .git Folder. In my case i have all Projects in ~/osc/- As example i’m going to my foo.

$ ~/osc> cd foo
$ ~/osc/foo> git init
Then git says:
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/sascha/osc/foo/.git/

$~/osc/foo> echo 123 > datei1

$~/osc/foo> git add datei1
This adds datei1 to your .git folder. If you use git add * you can add more than one File.

$~/osc/foo> git commit -m”Initial Version” (Or what you want)
git says:
Created initial commit a7458cf: Test
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 datei1

$~/osc/foo> echo 456 > datei2
$~/osc/foo> git commit -m”Change 1″
git says:
Created commit d1ef978: Change 1
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 datei2
$~/osc/foo> gitk (this is an GUI)

That looks:


There you can find all Changes since “Intial Version”.  Git can also manage branches and can merge it perfectly. So i think that git is very good Tool. And an good completion. With an wrapper file it is also possible to add or remove files in osc and git. Very nice -)

Linking Buildservice packages with exact revisions

February 6th, 2009 by

During the “cleanup” of the HP-Education repository, I used a very interesting feature of the openSUSE Build Service: linking against revisions.

Sometimes, you want to patch a package from another repository to build with special features enabled or disabled. The Build Service allows you to link the package from this other repository (and avoid wasting space by duplicating the sources) and add your patches.

Now think about a patch against a special version of a package – and you know that you don’t want a package with a newer version in your repository for a foreseeable time. But if you use the plain link command of the Build Service, the linked package in your repository will get updated if the original package in the original project is updated.

Luckily, the buildservice allows you to link against a “frozen” state of a package: it’s source-revision. People already knowing any revision control systems like Subversion also know that the revision of a source is increased each time, a new change is submitted. And that’s what we need now: link against a special revision of the package from the other repository and apply our patch against it. The webclient currently doesn’t support such special features, but with osc it’s very easy.

new osc package released

July 10th, 2008 by

After two or three weeks of coding (not mine mostly, but by Marcus and Dirk), a lot of good stuff has accumulated in the osc development tree. Time to release a new package. It is a particularly good moment because today the 1.0 release of the Build Service has been announced.

The list of changes is long, the NEWS file has it all. Overview:

  • version 0.105
  • easier usage of osc submitreq: It is less picky on commandline arguments, can be called in working copies or project directories, figures out which build service instance to use, and has improved output. Also, there is a osc submitreq delete action now (which only works if you have write permissions on the destination though)
  • osc search: added option -i|–involved, to show in which projects/packages a developer is involved
  • osc importsrcpkg: no signature check anymore
  • osc linkpac: –revision option added.
  • osc copypac: use the correct userid when copying to another api host
  • osc build: double check the buildinfo for local builds.
  • osc buildhist: change the output into a format which better matches actual RPM filenames.
  • osc commit: give commit message tempfiles a “.diff” suffix, so syntax highlighting automatically works in capable editors
  • don’t expand/unexpand if the working copy has local modifications – this is a workaround for #399247 but this way the working copy isn’t screwed up. Also, make sure no _linkerror files end up in working copies.
  • better error reporting in a whole number of cases, especially printing out more available detail. For instance, osc meta now prints out a concrete text why something you submitted was not accepted.

Have a lot of fun with it.

And just a note, remember that it is very easy to write osc plugins in order to extend or alter the functionality! Here’s the documentation.