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Akademy 2008

August 12th, 2008 by

In Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium currently Akademy, the annual conference of the KDE project takes place. More than 300 people had a nice weekend listening to a whole bunch of very interesting talks of various topics around KDE. Over the week there will be special topics and BOFs and Hacking 🙂

While most of the topics were technically or very much related to KDE such as talks in the community track, on sunday there was a keynote from Cliff Schmidt from literacybridge.org with the title Digital Audio to Reduce Illiteracy, Poverty and Disease. Danny has already blogged about it. It was a real mind opener that a lot of our efforts are useless to people who simply can not read. Cliff and the literacybridge project has a deep insight of how that can be improved. It was a real impressing talk and hope that the success for that project continues. Please check the project out.

On monday we had the general assembly of the KDE e.V. where Cornelius and Aaron Seigo were reelected into the board of the KDE e.V. Furthermore it was decided about a Community Code of Conduct for KDE that gives some hints how to behave in our community which seems to be needed these days and some other interesting and important stuff.

Today there is the “Embedded and Mobile Day” on Akademy which started with a talk around the Maemo platform where now Qt4 is available and everybody is invited to port interesting (KDE)  applications to it. Nokia was nice enough to give lots of N810 devices to KDE developers. Very motivating 🙂

openSUSE is also very present on Akademy, not only as a sponsor. Coincidentially most of the conference speakers were standing very near to the openSUSE poster and as a result it was very prominent, but more important is that openSUSE is running on many desktops I saw…  Some people approached me and mentioned things like openSUSE 11.0 is really cool, KDE 4.1 is most easily installable with one-click-install, zypper rocks and other cool things. Nice.

Akademy is great and I enjoy some hacking on Kraft now 🙂

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