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Hackweek Day 1 in Nürnberg

August 26th, 2008 by

Yesterday hackweek in Nürnberg was for me not hacking but managing hackweek.  Let’s see whether I find time today to really hack on glibc as planned.

As I organised travels for some folks to come to Nürnberg, I welcomed everybody and showed them around in the office.  In the afternoon I talked with many folks about what they are doing at hackweek and like to point out some interesting projects:

  • Benji and Pascal are working on the software portal
  • Andreas and Robert have been using pen and paper the whole day – to discuss new designs for the openSUSE web server
  • Stefan is working on YaST as a service, this is basically the backend for e.g. a Webenabled YaST.
  • Sonja is working on a nice GUI for a vocabulary training program that uses some great algorithms but has a rather bad user interface.

We also discussed heavily the openSUSE project and what should be improved.  Pascal, Andrew, Marko and myself talked also about the board elections, it’s good that some members of election committee and of the board had the chance to meet face to face.

It was great to see so many openSUSE community members for the first time – and to see many people hacking happily on their projects.

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