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arm worker on i586 host

September 1st, 2008 by

Last week I joined the obs-cross “task-force” 😉 and Martin Mohring posted two nice articles about it ([1] [2]).

Today I played with it and got a i586 worker to build for arm.

Here’s a summary what I did:

  • Installed a cross-obs, as done in Martin’s article
  • Copied init_basesystem and build from /usr/lib/build/ to /usr/obs/server/build (to have the same changes as for ‘osc build’ for the worker)
  • search for “my %cando” in bs_dispatch, bs_repserver and bs_worker and change 2 lines to:

  • 'i586' => ['i586', 'armv4l'],
    'i686' => ['i586', 'i686', 'armv4l'],

  • (note: this is just a hack to get it running – our obs-experts are already working on a smarter solution)
  • update: not needed anymore!: added BUILD_USER=root at line 1201 in file /usr/obs/server/build/build to make dh_testroot happy (HACK!)
  • update: use this! Edit /usr/lib/obs/server/build/build , uncomment line with “-rfakeroot” and comment out next line. Also replace “-rfakeroot” with “-rfakeroot-tcp”
  • run sh /usr/sbin/qemu-binfmt-conf.sh
  • start the worker (on the same machine! – otherwise at least install the mentioned qemu!)
  • Now the worker gets a job assigned and does the same magic arm-build as shown in Martin’s posts.

    An enhancement would be to let the workers advertise their “cando”-archs and assign the jobs according to the info recieved by the workers.

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