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Archive for September 1st, 2008

arm worker on i586 host

September 1st, 2008 by

Last week I joined the obs-cross “task-force” 😉 and Martin Mohring posted two nice articles about it ([1] [2]).

Today I played with it and got a i586 worker to build for arm.

Here’s a summary what I did:

  • Installed a cross-obs, as done in Martin’s article
  • Copied init_basesystem and build from /usr/lib/build/ to /usr/obs/server/build (to have the same changes as for ‘osc build’ for the worker)
  • search for “my %cando” in bs_dispatch, bs_repserver and bs_worker and change 2 lines to:

  • 'i586' => ['i586', 'armv4l'],
    'i686' => ['i586', 'i686', 'armv4l'],

  • (note: this is just a hack to get it running – our obs-experts are already working on a smarter solution)
  • update: not needed anymore!: added BUILD_USER=root at line 1201 in file /usr/obs/server/build/build to make dh_testroot happy (HACK!)
  • update: use this! Edit /usr/lib/obs/server/build/build , uncomment line with “-rfakeroot” and comment out next line. Also replace “-rfakeroot” with “-rfakeroot-tcp”
  • run sh /usr/sbin/qemu-binfmt-conf.sh
  • start the worker (on the same machine! – otherwise at least install the mentioned qemu!)
  • Now the worker gets a job assigned and does the same magic arm-build as shown in Martin’s posts.

    An enhancement would be to let the workers advertise their “cando”-archs and assign the jobs according to the info recieved by the workers.

    Hackweek review

    September 1st, 2008 by

    Tnx to Andreas Jaeger I could join the Hackweek crew for the cross-obs on Tuesday and also talk to several others on Wednesday. E.g. me and Beineri visited Andreas Bauer got him to include the link to the Monitor-page on “My Projects” (r4789).
    Atm I’m looking at how kiwi can/could work with cross-obs.

    And for all – Here’s a collage of some of AJ’s pictures from Tuesday:

    HackWeek III Day 5 – Diary Of An Outsider

    September 1st, 2008 by

    And so the fun ends, as today is the last day of HackWeek III and also my last day (hopefully not ever) here in the Nurenberg Offices 🙁

    HW3 Poster

    I managed to grab Will Stephenson for a brief chat on camera about KDE and how it fits in with openSUSE, many thanks Will.  I also had some discussions with several people just to make sure I squeezed the last out of “ChatWeek”.  I spoke with Marko Jung about the upcoming Board Elections for a fair while, and we can’t stress enough how important this event is for the whole openSUSE Project.  For those that are keen to stand for election, please follow the Notification instructions here.  Also, those that do wish to stand, you will have to fund your own election campaign as neither Novell nor SUSE have the budget to fund a campaign like Obama or McCain.  The one advantage that we do have over the US elections is we won’t be anywhere near as long and drawn out, also we’ll be a lot friendlier (I hope).

    I would like to thank everyone at SUSE and Novell for inviting so many external community members to Nurenberg for HackWeek III, this was the largest by far and was an absolute winner!  I would like to especially thank Andreas Jaeger and Michael Loeffler for co-ordinating the event for us; Martin Lasarsch who even though he was feeling decidedly crappy thanks to a persistent cold was able to perform his host duties impecably; Sonja Krause-Harder for allowing me to occupy part of her office, Marco Michna for being that great shadow that appears when you need him; and also to the un-related to openSUSE but just as important to me AirBerlin, a mighty fine example of how flying can still be enjoyable, in this day and age of tight fisted, service void, unpleasent airlines.

    I am currently working on editing the video that I have, and will try and get something out ASAP, honest.  If there are any animation supremos out there that would like to do a bit of animation wizardry, please let me know!

    Hackweek Day 3: cross-build with OBS Part 2

    September 1st, 2008 by

    This is the second part of my article series about the Hackweek Project “cross-build in the OBS”. The first part can be found here.

    Before I come back to our Hackweek project, some information about the qemu emulator. As a preparation to Hackweek, I talked with Uli Hecht and Jan Kiszka. Uli Hecht is the Novell/SUSE Maintainer of the qemu packages in openSUSE:Factory/qemu and maintainer of the OBS project Emulators, where every emulator you can imagine is maintained for a couple of linux distributions. Also I consulted Jan Kiszka, one of the reviewers and maintainers of the qemu upstream project about the status of the qemu in general, “User Mode” and status of important architectures specifily.