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Funny Output For Some

September 3rd, 2008 by

Last week (aka Hackweek 3) I worked on a Linux From Scratch system.

A colleague dropped by and asked me what kind of power supply were sufficient for a certain machine. I thought “ok, let’s just ask lshal|grep battery
My hope was that the hardware would not only measure the voltage of the battery but also the current drained from it.

What I found was kinda funny from an Electrical Engineer’s point of view:

lshal output for laptop battery

So what? “voltage.current”? Voltage? Or current? Or multiplied?

After laughing a bit I thought seriously about bug report, but it isn’t a bug apparently.
I find those things funny, can’t help it. I therefore consider this an Easter Egg of HAL.

Still, if anyone knows if a laptop can tell me the current current (SCNR), let me know.


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