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openSUSE spokesperson/lizard/evangelist/coordinator

September 30th, 2008 by

I probably could make here the longest title just naming everything we have so far as designation for the job 🙂

So what is it about?

We want to have an official program to support local communities better. We already have some strong supporters which are doing an awesome job, now we need more of them. You might think of fedora ambassador or Ubuntu LoCo, but for a unique project like openSUSE we also should have a unique name. But of course it’s not all about the name, i posted yesterday a draft with more details and some open questions. We think that this program will help the project, and the people who are doing the job (without a name right now 🙂 ), a lot.

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3 Responses to “openSUSE spokesperson/lizard/evangelist/coordinator”

  1. dragonbite

    Am I missing something? How DO you join?

    I can get the archived versions of the mailing lists but I cannot see somewhere where I can put in my email to receive the mailing lists.


  2. openSuSiety? or just susiety? just a brainstorm – no idea is a bad idea (for now)