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Enlightenment LiveCD

September 29th, 2008 by

Ladies and Gents!

Glad to announce the update of unofficial Enlightenment LiveCD based on OpenSUSE-11.0.

Download page
‘Welcome’ notes (PDF)

Please visit the download page to see the details and try the mirror provided by Yandex.ru – a leading Russian internet and technology company. We’ve got this mirror in September’08 because our server was loaded ‘over the top’. Please, read the Welcome.pdf before you pop the disk into the PC/Qemu/etc.

Here’s some download statistics data excluding the mirror and excluding the torrents:

Month Monthly Totals KBytes Average shipped Qty of images
Jul 2008 2226994785 3625
Aug 2008 1067698466 1655
Sep 2008 33425784636 47884
Total 36720477887 53164

The data is slightly rounded/diminished, but tiny 50k from a single server is the result no one expected. Thank you very much!

All components of this LiveCD are available for the ordinary openSUSE Users. Some of our improvements/modifications are outlined in the ‘Welcome.pdf’. We’re cooking now the simple package to make the Enlightenment LiveCD with a ‘single click’. Anyone could install that package, read instructions, add the drivers/packages/components we had missed and “pull the trigger”. It means that you can add there the beloved NVIDIA drivers, remove OpenOffice, add more themes, wallpapers, games etc.

The brief changelog comparing to the old ‘release’:

  • create_xconf service is modified and used instead of ‘traditional’ xdm to launch the GUI. If you decide to install the system to the disk – create_xconf will also help you there. A simple check of your video card/cards is added and ‘Sax2’ will be started on boot if your saved hardware configuration is altered (should we check the Monitor+Video Card configuration? should we modify the xdm service for better compatibility/integration?).
  • fonts are displayed with 96.0 ‘standard’ DPI despite on selected/chosen screen resolutions. It’s easy to change this value if 66.0 DPI or 130.0 DPI is your favorite Xft setup but… 96.0 is the value which is used mostly .
  • Enlightenment OBS repositories for openSUSE 10.2-11.0/Factory are updated to the current state. E-svn snapshot date is 20080924.
  • custom kernel from Jan Engelhardt repository replaced the default one. Thanks!
  • OpenOffice suite now uses the default/selected gtk-2.0 theme to display interface elements.
  • Tk package is removed and aria2c lost the tk gui. BitTorrent client is added. Anyway aria2c is best when used in CLI.
  • English thesaurus is removed from OpenOffice suite along with OpenOffice-Base. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  • 23Oz theme for E17 and ETK is updated. Glowing scrollbars and sliders – useless feature but looks nice.
  • sources of ATI fglrx drivers (without precompiled kernel module) are added, instruction for those who is not happy with radeon/ati opensource drivers are on the page 4 of Welcome.pdf
  • several .desktop files are improved (thanks to the Ariszló)
  • option to select the default login manager on first boot (‘Entrance‘ or ‘gdm‘) is added (though only ‘entrance’ works here).
  • a lot of components are added to provide better support of various equipment ‘out-from-the-box’ (like webcams, eeepc and so on)
  • other miscellaneous fixes and updates…

We will be glad to receive your feedback.


Enlightenment Development Team and Enlightenment Community
OpenSUSE Build Service Team
OpenSUSE KIWI Team (schaefi, cyberorg, pzb, cgoncalves – THANKS!)
Stalwart, thanks for the hosting!
Packman Team
Jan Engelhardt
and all the others, who helped to make it (Engineers, Developers, Users, Maintainers…)


SOAD team

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5 Responses to “Enlightenment LiveCD”

  1. mimoune djouallah

    i am using enlightenment 17 with opensuse 11, it is good so far only i have some little complaints

    1- i installed stalonetray, as i wanted to make it autostart, i should put stalonetray.desktop in .local/share/applications, now how to creat stalonetray.desktop file ?

    2- i wish yast will support entrance as the others login manager, gdm and kdm

    3- when you drag a file to the desktop, it is automatically moved, i wished if we had the option to link, copy or move

    thanks for your work

  2. Dmitry Serpokryl


    1) Enlightenment Configuration panel (EC) is all you need here. Menu -> Configuration -> Configuration Panel -> Applications -> New Application (here you can create the .desktop file for any app with your custom parameters) and then just look a bit down and ‘Startup Applications’ is a nice place for all apps (which has a .desktop files) you wish to start with E.

    2) well, ‘Entrance’ is a bit different. We’re using it as a default login manager for Enlightenment LiveCD and looks like we’ll provide required modifications to set this thing. Right now we’re just experimenting with the unification of X init for LiveCD and installed system and looking at the ways to improve the X startup/setup for our LiveCD.

    3) only one answer – please use a real filemanager like ‘Xfe’, ‘Pcmanfm’ or any other favorite. EFM is intended to be very simple. it’s great when you’re browsing through pictures, .edj files, Drag’n’Drop documents to the editors (pictires to gimp for example) and so on. it has a simple pattern search when you start type something – it rushes to the similar file. and it’s aimed to remain as simple as possible. it can rename your files, move, copy, delete, remember files associations. but there’s no particular plans to overload it with the functions. sorry if it’s not convenient for you.

    P.S. all kudos – to Enlightenment Dev Team 🙂

  3. mimoune djouallah

    thanks for the clarifications,

    it work as expected, regarding point 3, i am using dolphin as my favorite file manager, when i Drag’n’Drop a file to the desktop, this file get moved automatically, i was expecting to have a link on the desktop not to be moved.


  4. apokryphos

    You might also want to consider contacting some bigger providers, like gwdg.de or skynet, to get some very fast and free hosting.

  5. Dmitry Serpokryl

    We posted the ‘development’ release with ATI/NVIDIA drivers and standard openSUSE-11.0 kernel: