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Followup “10 Things …”

October 28th, 2008 by

I put the post “10 Things …” into the wiki. I rearranged the order a little bit, but basicly it’s the same page. If you have suggestions how to expand it, feel free to do it. The main intention was to write down things that users always ask me on events, of course it could be extended to a general “Tips and Tricks for openSUSE users”. But keep in mind that we already have the Users FAQ. Thanks for the comments, i will start writing an article or chapter how to buy new hardware for Linux soon.

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2 Responses to “Followup “10 Things …””

  1. Regarding gestures, where did you hear from that they now work in KDE 4? If I understood developers correctly, that code had not been ported, and is now removed.

    • Martin Lasarsch

      You have it in the settings, dunno since which version. I will try out with beta4 and change this part if it’s really removed again.

      Thanks for the comment.