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Webpin search in YaST for openSUSE 11.1

January 9th, 2009 by

This is just a short reminder that in openSUSE 11.1, it is possible to search online for packages in YaST as described in this blog (thanks to Lukas and Bubli for making this reality!).

In short, just type on command line:

/sbin/yast2 webpin_package_search

and you will get this UI for an online search and install of packages:

Webpin Search in YaST


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7 Responses to “Webpin search in YaST for openSUSE 11.1”

  1. ra100

    That´s interesting, but will it be available also directly via gui yast2, not only by command?

  2. BenderBendingRodriguez

    It’s so great that i think it should be incorporated as a GUI in YaST. It makes it easier to search for packages from other repos than we are subscribed in! We want GUI!!!

    • Bubli

      It will be in 11.2, I promise 🙂 I wanted to make it somehow more visible in 11.1 (e.g. as an item in pkg manager menu), but unfortunately other bugs took my time and I did not make it

  3. Anubisg1

    why is so hidden?

    it works fine but yast2 -l do not show it.. i know about that only thanks to you..

  4. Kobliha

    Unfortunately yast2 -l shows only those YaST Modules that appear in the YaST Control Center.

    Webpin Search module is a bit hidden because we planned it to be a Software Manager plug-in and, frankly, it’s still a bit broken and needs fixing. So, let’s say it’s a preview of an experimental YaST Module and should be fully available in openSUSE 11.2.

  5. Eliasse

    Great Feature Gentleman. The integration of this will be a revolution because it will fill up the gap between the users and the OBS. Broken or not I will just use it since I have the Factory Distro installed.

    Best Regards to the module maintainer as well as the whole Dev Team for the Great Job being done.

    openSUSE Linux is simply unbreackable.

  6. Johan Widén

    Very useful! This enabled me to install vlc, which I until now have been unable to do because of missing library.