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Nothing really special here…

March 12th, 2009 by

Dear Ladies and Gents,
version “3.0.6” of openSUSE-Enlightenment (SOAD project) is out:

Download page

GWDG mirror will be updated to the version “3.0.6” on Monday (next week).

Changelog from 3.0.5 to 3.0.6 version
* new updated kernel (version
* updated EFL/E to svn_r39423 (2009-03-09)
* updated OOo (version
* fixed “Del” key operation in “xterm”
* fixed the segfault during the first login to Enlightenment-DR17
* improved “Wicd” init script
* added GTK+ “Unity” theme
* removed “atl1e” driver for “Attansic” LAN cards (found on the eeepc1000* mostly)
* following drivers are added: “rtl8187”, “rt73”, “rt61”, “r8101”, “r8168”
* improved list of a default installed repositories
* overall code/software/packages update to the current openSUSE-11.1 state
* some useful Wi-Fi utilities added along with the advanced documentation (Tutorials…) 🙂
* other misc. enhancements

In general – this version just works. The only disadvantage is that “LiveCD” version require 800M media (or a blank DVD-R/RW disk) and cannot be recorded to the standard 700M CD-R/RW. The absence of a “delta” images are due to the huge update of a packages – “delta” has no sense this time.

We’re also recommend you to visit our two new modest wiki pages and read a bit about:

Btw, it looks like “Wicd” have a chance to be a default network configuration tool for KDE-4.3 (Dev. Team are constantly improving the package, that’s great!).

LiveCD: list of installed packages
USB-stick: list of installed packages

Huge thanks to Mikhail Kazakov for a help in preparation of this release version!



P.S. The curious persons are welcome to glimpse at the small “Detailed uncompressed LiveCD packages size” pdf file.

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