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Hello and APT repository decline

March 15th, 2009 by

Let me introduce myself. I’m an active packager for openSUSE. You can find packages that I build in the following repositories:

Some of you might remember me as the provider of the apt rpm package. The apt package is already for a long time included in the openSUSE base distribution, as such I don’t need to maintain it anylonger. Another reason is, that apt has been superceded by other package managers, such as smart and of course openSUSE’s own zypper.

The apt repository that is provided on the great opensuse mirror GWDG for the suse distributions 7.3 – 10.1 gets still many visitors, although the numbers are declining, with every new version that openSUSE releases. Only this weekend the number of visitors dropped below 100 (99) on a single day for the first time in 6 years (the top was around november 2005 with more 3600 visitors a day). It’s amazing to see how long people are using a service. It’s even more amazing when one realizes that the repository provides only packages for discontinued SuSE distributions….

That’s it for now, I hope that you will enjoy my future blogs!

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