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Edit system on iso image

April 2nd, 2009 by

I start maintaining yast2-repair and first bug which I start solving is that repair from DVD menu doesn’t work same as from installation menu. Find where is problem and also test if fix is correct is not trivial. I describe below how to modify inst-sys on DVD or software on LiveCD.

I found useful information on our wiki – Creating modified installation system. But I don’t want install from network, as it doesn’t shown same menu as on DVD. I try use mkisofs, but it is not easy set same boot sector as have original iso image. And there I found good software – isomaster. This allows you to replace file on iso image and remember from original iso image where it has its boot sector. This iso should be easily tested in e.g. Virtual Box and I can verify, that my fix work before we release first DVD with opensuse 11.2. Just sidenote – linuxrc show warning, that your inst-sys doesn’t match checksum.

Same way is possible edit whole LiveCD. Simple mount and copy content of live system to your disc and with zypper –root you can change software in your LiveCD. Then create squashfs ( I use mksquashfs live_root  openSUSE-kde-11.1-read-only.i686-2.7.0 -no-duplicates -noappend ) and with isomaster replace file openSUSE-* and you have your modified liveCD.

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  1. merso

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