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Dropbox on openSUSE 11.1

April 21st, 2009 by

Today I discovered Dropbox, an online storage and synchronization tool. It offers 2 GB of free storage to its users and is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. I’ve tested it on Linux and Windows so far and it’s working great. If you’re tired of carrying around USB sticks to share files between different workstations, be sure to check it out. Hint: by clicking on the link above you (and me) will get 250 MB of free online storage as a bonus.

Installation and Setup on openSUSE 11.1 is a breeze

  • 1-click install is available in Gnome:Community
  • Logout from your GNOME Session and login again
  • Run “Dropbox” from the GNOME menu to link your workstation to your Dropbox account

Currently there’s a plugin for nautilus available. Hopefully some KDE coders more experienced than me will come up with a Dolphin plugin soon. Where the Dropbox daemon is proprietary software, the nautilus plugin is released under GPL and its sourcecode should provide the required information about the Dropbox daemon’s API to port it to KDE/Dolphin as well.

Have fun!

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5 Responses to “Dropbox on openSUSE 11.1”

  1. What about the daemon? Where do I download it?

  2. apokryphos

    Test comment

  3. Oh yeah, sorry for being unspecific. You need to install nautilus-dropbox (the plugin), logout, login and then launch “Dropbox” from GNOME menu. When doing this for the first time, the proprietary daemon gets downloaded from Dropbox’s website and installed. Then you need to link your workstation to your account and you’re done. Dropbox gets launched automatically on startup from now on. You can change this behaviour in Dropbox’s settings.


  4. Jan

    Easy way to get dropbox running in kde4.

  5. It’s perfect service. We share all our files between or team on all projects!